Boost Your Earnings with Norway's Premier Financial Service

An Affiliate Opportunity with uScore

In the current financial landscape, personal empowerment and control over one's financial health have become paramount. uScore, with over 600,000 members, stands at the forefront of this revolution in Norway, making it an ideal partner for affiliate marketers.

What is uScore?

uScore is Norway's most comprehensive financial service, and it's entirely free. It provides individuals with an array of tools to:

  • Check their Credit Score: Users can instantly view their credit score and any payment remarks.
  • Monitor Credit Changes. Stay updated with any alterations in their credit.
  • Personalized Interest Overview: uScore showcases the best interest rates tailored to an individual's financial data.
  • Debt Overview from Gjeldsregisteret (debt register): Get a detailed view of all debts.
  • Personal Budgeting Tools: Streamlined tools to maintain a private budget.
  • Vehicle and House Valuation: Get accurate value estimations for cars and homes.
  • Personal Financial Analysis: In-depth insights into one's financial health along with expert advice.
  • Exclusive Offers: Benefit from special deals curated just for members.

Why Promote uScore?

Rapid growth

uScore is expanding at a pace that outstrips all other similar services in Norway.

High conversion rate

With its free offerings and comprehensive suite of services, traffic directed to uScore has a notably high conversion rate. Some channels even report on a staggering 30% conversion.

Upcoming enhancements

uScore is continually innovating, and upcoming service enhancements promise even higher conversions.

Commission structure for affiliates

Affiliates will earn a commission for every successful sign-up on uScore. Considering the platform's immense popularity and trustworthiness, affiliates can expect healthy earnings.

A focus on security

uScore prioritizes user safety above all. With encrypted data storage and robust protective measures, it ensures that the financial data of its users remains unreadable to any unwarrented parties.

The value proposition

Members of uScore aren't just accessing a service; they're joining a community. This platform assists individuals in understanding their financial landscape, increasing control over their financial data, and enhancing their personal economic status. The more members uScore attracts, the better deals and conditions it can secure on their behalf.


If you're an affiliate marketer looking for a product that resonates with a wide audience, uScore is it. By partnering with Norway's leading financial service, you're not only boosting your earnings, but also promoting a product that genuinely helps individuals take control of their financial future.

Are you ready to ride this wave of opportunity?

Join us and redefine the credit card experience for your audience.