Careers in Axo Finance

Open positions in Oslo, Stockholm and Helsinki

Axo Finance is a fintech company based in the Nordics, with headquarters in Oslo. We are a digital broker for personal lending, matching the right customer with the right bank.

We aim to give the most seamless customer experience by combining user-friendly UX with a comprehendable information flow, personal service and guidance from our customer service, while giving the best loan offers by working with as many banks as possible.

Tech department searching experienced programmers in Oslo

Are you looking for a position as developer? Whether you are a front-end, back-end or full-stack developer, we are always looking for talents who want to join our team, either straight from university or with a few years experience. The people we are looking for are smart, analytical, get things done, and want to help us iterate fast on solutions.

We build all software in house in languages like Java, Go, NodeJS and PHP, hosted on AWS. We need resources who can build fast, beautiful and conversion optimized user interfaces, establish integrations with marketing solutions, banks or other product providers, or e.g. help us spearhead our analytical journey.

Send an open application to Marius, our CTO

Customer service in Stockholm & Oslo

Whether you're looking for a full time or part time job, we always eager to hire great people in our customer service department - because it's what drives our business.

When working with customer service in Axo, you will do everything from welcoming the customer by phone to examining loan applications. By helping the customer getting the best loan offer, you can help them save a lot of money. Thus, our customers are often both interested and happy with what we do. Have a look at our Trustpilot page!

Send an open application to Amelie, Leader of the Customer Center in Stockholm

Send an open application to Janne, Leader of the Customer Center in Oslo