Axo Group in the Nordics

Your digital broker for personal finance

Axo Group is one of the leading brokers in the nordic financial service industry.

We are currently present in Denmark under the LendMe brand, in Finland under Axolaina and in Norway and Sweden under the name Axo Finans where we connect users to one of our many banks.

Since 2022 Defero, a leading credit check and debt management service for private customers, has also been a part of Axo Group with a presence in Norway, Finland and Sweden and an explosive growth in active members across the Nordics.

Here is an overview of the services we currently offer our customers:

Axo Finans in Norway:

Axo Finans in Sweden:

Axolaina in Finland:

LendMe in Denmark:

Defero in Norway:

The Customer journey

The customer applies
on our web pages

The application is forwarded
to all our bank partners

The customer receives
the best loan offer

With our service, the customer saves time, money, get non-binding offers, excellent customer service and a friction-free experience throughout the process.